[email protected]'s: Emma Barnett

Monday 16 May 2022

[image] Fast-paced media: how to read, watch and listen to the news
with Emma Barnett, presenter of Woman’s Hour and Newsnight

Never has news and information travelled faster – or been spread across a wider variety of different media. How should we interact with the news? And how can we separate fact from fiction?

Emma Barnett is an award-winning journalist - who by day, presents BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and by night, Newsnight on BBC 2. She was recently named “Interviewer of the Year 2021” at the British Journalism Awards. We are delighted to welcome her to give us her views on the news and to help us learn how to navigate the modern media minefield.

This event is rescheduled from the 25 January 2022

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This event finished on 16 May 2022.

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