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This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and New Beginnings by Julia Samuel

[image]If change is the natural order of things, why do many of us feel ill-equipped to deal with it?

‘Time and again, I have witnessed the limitless creative ways in which we anaesthetise pain, but trying to avoid unhappiness means it will last longer. Pain is the agent of change: if we build walls around it, it remains untouched and alive inside us, slowly contaminating our other feelings. But if we accept the agent of change, and learn how to adapt, we will have the energy and confidence to take the next step.’ Julia Samuel

We live in a culture of limitless choice - and life is now more complex than ever. In This Too Shall Pass, acclaimed psychotherapist Julia Samuel draws on hours of conversations with her patients to show how we can learn to adapt and thrive during our most difficult and transformative experiences. Illuminated by the latest social and psychological research, This Too Shall Pass unflinchingly deals with the hard times in family, love, work, health and identity. These powerful, unforgettable and deeply intimate stories about everyday people will inform our understanding of our own unique response to change and enlighten the way we approach challenges at every stage of life.

Julia Samuel MBE is a leading psychotherapist and one of the UK’s leading counsellors. Seeing over 20 clients every week, she has worked in private practice and with the NHS for the last thirty years and is Founding Patron of Child Bereavement UK. Julia is the bestselling author of Grief Works, She’s been featured on Desert Island Discs and has been interviewed on National TV.

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This event finished on 11 March 2020.

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